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Mary Peterson PT practices a "systems approach" to wellness, helping to identify the range of interacting factors can impact health. By identifying the root causes of symptoms, a pathway to your goal of a healthy, pain-free life can be charted.  

Mary Peterson PT

 Mary has been involved in complementary health care since the 1970’s. Introduced to cranial osteopathy in 1981 and Therapeutic Touch in 1982, Mary furthered her studies with massage therapy and in trigger point therapy with Dr. Janet Travell. Experience in stabilization training and soft tissue therapy was gained with professional athletes at SPRI. This sports medicine clinic was the originator of resistance band and tubing exercise equipment that widely used today in rehabilitation and conditioning programs.

Mary graduated in 1985 from the physical therapy program at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, Illinois. In 1988 she founded her private physical therapy practice offering individualized care to patients with orthopedic injuries and complex pain problems. To further enhance her abilities to help her patients, Mary pursued advanced studies in Myofascial Release with John Barnes and cranial therapy with osteopathic physicians . In 1990 she began her work studying Visceral Manipulation with its founder, Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral. In later years she has combined studies with the Institute for Brain Potential, the neuroscience approach to pain management, and followed the research of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment to enhance the health of the connective tissue for improving patient response to treatment. 

Mary specializes in working with complex patients interested in complementary techniques and ready to participate in their own recovery. In addition to her training in conventional physical therapy, Mary's background in education includes graduate work in the neuropsychological approach to learning disabilities and a master’s degree in outdoor/environmental education all contribute to her unique approach and abilities to unearth and transform the underlying causes of pain and disability. 

What People are Saying

“I can’t thank you enough for all the healing you’ve given me. You have helped me immensely and now I’m feeling better than I have in years. I recommend you wherever I go!” -SP 

“Mary provides therapy that is unique to you and your physical needs. My treatment differs from appointment to appointment to assist in my body changes.” -CJ 

“I had pain that would not cease. After about eight visits and a changed diet, I am much more comfortable. This is not a quick fix but one that will continue a lifetime.” -A Grateful Patient  

“We are continuing to see improvement in movement and attention span with our learning disabled child. He is calmer and continues to be motivated because Mary has helped him reach his sports goals. He has made/scored baskets at his youth basketball games. He doesn’t hurt anymore. He jumps better, he swims stronger, and remains a pretty happy boy.” -CS